It's a team effort!

All About Us!

Me and you,and a dog named Ru..

plus a few goats, chickens,and a crazy cat too!



Rufus P. Fletcher

The Herd 

First and foremost, I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ very much. I want more than anything for my life to be pleasing to Him. It is my deepest desire to show the Love of Jesus to people with whom I come into contact. I want to be that light. :)


"Faye has been sharing the Joy of Painting since 2002, when she followed her dream and became a Certified Ross Instructor. She went on to become certified in all areas.

Since then, she's had over 5,000 students in her classes. That's a lot of happy trees! Over the last several years she has had the opportunity to run painting classes at Bob Ross booths and panels at events such as SXSW, TwitchCon Europe, and has instructed a class of over 200 students at TwitchCon 2019.

Her most recent travels were to teach at the Bob Ross Experience in Muncie Indiana in Bob's own recording studio , the Smithsonian in Washington DC, to assist in classes there, and she teaches a few times a year at the Bob Ross Experience in Muncie Indiana.

She has also taught online classes for museums , PBS stations and private individuals and small groups.

Whether the class be large or small, in person or online, she considers it an honor to share Bob's legacy through gentle, patient and fun instruction."


Bob Ross Dream Team takes on the Smithsonian!

Bob Ross at TwitchCon in San Diego!

                Jimmy is my husband, my supporter, my dearest friend. Though I may be in the limelight at times, he is  amazing all by himself. He 

                 very creative and very hard working. He's a diesel mechanic, welder, etc. You name it, Jimmy can do it. He was raised on the farm that borders                                             our acre of land. He's designed and built many a useful structure or contraption to help around the homestead or to help others and has the reputation of

                 being able to build anything.

                 He's very active in the church and everyone knows that they can depend on Jimmy. 

                He loves the animals- the goats, especially, which were obtained (ahem!) against his wishes. (Haha!) 


                Most of all he's known for his love for others and he shows that in his gentle and helpful spirit. He truly has a servant's heart.

               "Me and you and a dog named Ru"

                Yep, we love our little doggie. Rufus is our faithful Morkie (Yorkshire terrier and Maltese mix) and we can't imagine life without him. He's the paint class                            mascot, chaser of chickens and heckler of goats. He doesn't know about the rabbits, so please don't tell him!

                Chickens have been a part of our little homestead for about 4 years. We've expanded our flock quite a bit from those early days. We began with standard egg                    laying breeds, but lately we have been looking into diversifying our flock and adding breeds that lay colored eggs. That's been quite. delightful adventure in                      itself.

                Goats, last but definitely not least in this little article. We love our goats. Maybelline, Sally (alpha female), Rosie, Stella, Mia, Jasmine, Helen, Callie and                              Cami, and Hope are some of the funniest creatures we've ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with. They're a little exasperating at times, but they're                        ours and we love them.

                Our latest addition has been our cat, Benny. At first, we named him Penny because he was supposed to be a female kitten. But he is a boy, so he's Benny Cat.                    He's so funny regardless of what Jimmy says, "WE" are glad Benny is here.